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Shepherd Bushiri Nation Builder

Presidents, Prime Ministers and numerous government leaders seek the counsel of the Lord through his mouthpiece Major1. In little over 5 years of international ministry Major 1 has met with Government leaders from 7 countries including Southern Africa’s first and only female president, the honourable former president of Malawi HE Mrs Joyce Banda. Other leaders include that of Mozambique, Ethiopia, Uganda, Zambia, Ghana, South Sudan, South Africa and members of parliament of numerous African states.

Some would come to inquire from the Lord through his mouth piece prophet Bushiri and others would simply come to be in the presence of our Lord and Saviour at the ECG auditorium in South Africa. Major 1 has been given escorts and welcomes fitted for presidents and royalty by numerous African states signifying the anointing on his life that is recognised by Governments in Africa.

Major 1 Prophet unto the Nations

The  primary responsibility of a prophet is to bring direction and correction within the Body of Christ (the  Church), but God may raise some prophets up to be a Prophet to the Nation. Many of the prophets of the Old Testament found themselves confronting kings, and taking an important role in national affairs. Some also addressed their words to foreign nations. They demonstrate the ministry of the Prophet to the Nation. A Prophet to the Nation releases God’s hand of power.