Some battles are not worth fighting

Do not fight battles that don’t matter. Do not try to convince everyone that you are real because, it is not everyone who sees the real you. Some battles are not worth fighting.

David did not fight back at his brothers when they fought and criticised him saying that he was just being pompous; thinking he could withstand and defeat Goliath. He never fought them back because he knew his battle was not against them, rather, against the giant who was cursing his God.

Many of the battles we fight are fake battles trying to shift our attention away from the real battles of life. Even if David would have fought his brothers and won, what prize was there? The right fight always has a prize attached to it. That is why when David heard that the one who was going to defeat Goliath would get a prize, he chose to step up and fight that battle – it had a prize tag.

Someone once asked me why I do not fight back at my critics and my answer was: “I fight battles with a prize tag, battles that matter. Even if I convince my critics, they will never be a part of me because they were not meant to be a part of me so, I let them go”.

May you stop fighting those fake battles that the devil brings your way. Fight battles that matter, yes, battles which yield success not a bunch of convinced critics.

May you win that battle because it matters!


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